E-Learning for Farmers

  • Potential Indian Anthocorid Predators at the ICAR-NBAIR Live Insect Repository
  • Field day on "The effect of Natural enemies on crop pests" held at KVK,Paparapatti,T.N. on 23/02/14
  • Biological Control of Pests of Tomato, Brinjal, Cotton, Sugarcane and Rice using Stress Tolerant Natural Enemies
    English513.14 KBTamil2.88 MB
  • The South American Tomato Leaf Miner (Tuta absoluta) : Monitoring and Management Strategies
    English3.9 MBTamil2.59 MB
  • Farm Level Production of Trichogramma chilonis on Eri Silkworm Eggs and its Utility in Tribal Areas
    English2.4 MBKannada1.59 MB
  • Biological Control of Grapevine Mealybugs
    English1.74 MBHindi1.5 MB
  • Biological Control of the Sugarcane woolly aphid
    English2.17 MBHindi2.41 MBKannada1.81 MB
  • Classical Biological Control of Papaya Mealybug
    English2.34 MBHindi2.25 MBKannada2.62 MBBangla2.55 MB
  • Management of Fall Armyworm
    English841.65 KBHindi2.36 MBMarathi2.51 MBTamil4.69 MBTelugu3.65 MB
  • Leaf Cutter Bees - Ways to conserve these pollinators
    English3.12 MB