Dr. Raghavendra

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Dr. Raghavendra
Phone Number
+91(080)-2351 1982
Professional Experience
10 years
Ph.D. Biochemistry
1. Biochemistry of host parasite interaction and chemotherapy
2. Effects of chelated minerals, Aflatoxin, Fluoride toxicity & Proximate Analysis of animal
3. Chemoecological studies of insects using chemical and electrophysiological detectors
National level Training on “Phytosanitory Treatments(MBr and ALP) organised at NIPHM, Govt. of India, Hyderabad from 17 th November to 01 st December 2014
National level training at Division of Agricultural Chemicals, ICAR- IARI, New Delhi, during January 23-30, 2017 on “Trace Level Analysis of Pesticides, Phytochemicals, Sugars and Organic acids
National level training on “Technology Management and Business Planning for Entrepreneurship Development”. Organised at SRS ICAR-NDRI, Bangalore from 13.03.2017 to 18.03.2017
Training on Advance studies in Mass Spectrometry at Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platform, GKVK campus, Bangalore, from 28 to 30.11.2017.
Attended two days training on basics and maintenance of GCMS at COE lab of Agilent technologies from 29 to 30.10.2019
Awards and Honours
Best Technical award-2019- By ICAR- NBAIR , Bangalore.
Ecologist of the year award 2017- By Confederation of Indian Universities (CIU), New Delhi

Young scientist of the year award 2016- By International Foundation for Environment and ecology-Ranchi, Jharkhand
Brief Achievements
Identification and isolation of pheromone and kairomone compounds for the pest viz; fruit fly Bactrocera dorsalis, melon fly, Uzi Fly Exorista Bombysis and thrips which led to successful trapping method of these insects and further commercialization of the same.
Successful counteraction of effect of aflatoxin in animal feed by various physicochemical methods
Area wise mapping of Karnataka state for fluoride level in drinking water
Chelated mineral production and their effective use in dairy industry
Developed successful quarantine method (Chemical) to control the spread of Lernaea cyprinacea infection to new fingerlings
Recognized by CSRTI, Govt. Of India, Mysuru for development of pheromone based Uzi-Trap, Uzi lure. 2018
Best Oral paper presentation award for the paper entitled “Z-10 Dodecenal, a kairamone for the attraction of Exorista bombysis (Louis) (Diptera: tachinidae), the uzifly parasitoid of Bombyx mori Linnaeus (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae). Fifth National Conference on Biological Control: Intergrating recent in pest and disease management. ICAR-NBAIR, Bangalore, 9-11 Feb 2017.
Best Oral paper presentation award for the paper entitled “Sex pheromone components of uzifly, Exorista bombycis Louis (Diptera: Tachinidae), a parasitoid of mulberry silk moth Bombyx mori L. (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae).International conference on green technology for environment and health:Implementations and policies.(SESR). Ramanashree California Resort, Bangalore, 15-16th December 2016.
Awarded first prize for poster paper entitled Endosymbiotic bacterium, Bacillus pumilus and its role on fitness of Amrasca bigutella (Ishida) of cotton. National meeting on new/safer molecule and biocontrol technologies for IPM in crops held at NBAIR, Bangalore, 23 rd February 2015.
Best Oral paper presentation award for the paper entitled Protected fat supplementation for high yielding dairy cows in field condition. 14th Biennial Animal Nutrition Conference held at G.B.Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar, Uttarakhand, Nov 3-5,2011.
Best Poster presentation award for the paper entitled Protected fat supplementation for high yielding dairy cows in filed condition. 14 th Biennial Animal Nutrition Conference held at G.B.Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar, Uttarakhand, Nov 3-5,2011.
Awarded second prize for the poster paper entitled Areca sheath as an alternate dry fodder for dairy animals. XXXVIII Dairy industry conference, 17-19 February 2010.Bangalore
Selected Publications
Richa Varshney, B. Poornesha, A. Raghavendra, Y. Lalitha, V. Apoorva, B. Ramanujam, R. Rangeshwaran, K. Subaharan, A. N. Shylesha, N. Bakthavatsalam, Malvika Chaudhary and Vinod Pandit.(2020). Biocontrolbased management of fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (J E Smith) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on Indian Maize Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection DOI 10.1007/s41348-020-00357-3

Nandeesh JR, Bakthavatsalam N, Raghavendra A, Maneesha A and Yeetesh Kumar (2020). Electrophysiological response of Riptortus pedestris to Dolichos lablab Volatiles. International Journal of Chemical Studies 8(1): 468-472
Jacobs MoboladeAdesina, Anjanappa Raghavendra, YallappaRajashekar and Thomas Inomisan Ofuya (2019).Potential use of Clerodendrum capitatum extracts and its formulation for control of three major stored product beetles Food Quality and Safety.3, 179–185.
Raghavendra A, Ravinder Singh Jaswal, Hemaprasanth K.P, and Soumya C.B. (2018). Efficacy of neem seed extracts on developmental stages of Lernaea cyprinace.). Iranian Journal of Fisheries Sciences, 19(4) 1864-1870, DOI: 10.22092/ijfs.2018.118925.
Adesina J. Mobolade    , Heisnam D. Chanu ,     Kabrambam D. Singh, Thiyam B. Devi, Ningthoujam I. Singh   ,  Anjanappa Raghavendra   , Dinabandhu Sahoo And Yallappa Rajashekar (2018).   Chemical composition, toxicity and biochemical efficacy of Phyllantus fraternus against major three stored grain pests. Annals of Experimental Biology 6(1):1-9
Subhash Shivaramu, Pagadala Damodaram Kamala Jayanthi, Vivek Kempraj, Raghavendra Anjanappa, Bakthavatsalam Nandagopal, Akshay Kumar Chakravarty (2017). What signals do herbivore-induced plant volatiles provide conspecific herbivores?. Arthropod-Plant Interactions DOI 10.1007/s11829-017-9536-2.
N. Bakthavatsalam, J. Vinutha, P. Ramakrishna, A. Raghavendra, K. V. Ravindra and A. Verghese. (2016) Autodetection in Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner).Current Science, 110 (12), 2261-2267
H. K. Roopa, R. Asokan, N. K. Krishna Kumar, Riaz Mahmood, N. Bakthavatsalam, K. Uprithi and A. Raghavendra. (2016). Estimation of sugars and volatiles in the Honeydew of Bemisia tabaci genetic groups Meam-I and Asia-I. Journal of Bioscience and Biotechnology Discovery 1, 66-73
Yallapa Rajashekar, Anjanappa Raghavendra and Nandagopal Bakthavatsalam (2014) - Acetylcholinesterase Inhibition by Biofumigant (Coumaran) from Leaves of Lantana camara in Stored Grain and Household Insect Pests. BioMed Research International Vol 2014, Article ID 187019, 6 pages, 2014.
A. Raghavendra, K.P. Hemaprasanth, Ravinder Singh, N.Sridhar, Vadlapudi Kumar and M.R.Raghunath. (2012) Ammonium chloride dip bath treatment as quarantine measure to prevent spread of Lernaea cyprinacea infection during transfer of fish from affected ponds. Journal of Fish Diseases. 35, 243-247.
Hemaprasanth, Ravinder Singh, A. Raghavendra, N. Sridhar, M.R. Raghunath, A.E. Eknath. (2011) Comparative Susceptibility of Carp fingerlings to Lernaea cyprinacea Infection. Veterinary Parasitology. 178,156-162.
K.P. Hemaprasanth, A.Raghavendra, Ravinder Singh, N.Sridhar, M.R. Raghunath. (2008) Efficacy of doramectin against natural and experimental infections of Lernaea cyprinacea in carps. Veterinary Parasitology. 156, 261-269.
N.K.S. Gowda, R.U. Suganthi,V.Malathi and Raghavendra.A (2007) Utilization of dietary mineral and blood biochemical studies values in lamb fed hydrated sodium, calcium, alumino silicate sorbent materials at supplementary levels. Small Ruminant Research. 69, 17-22.
N.K.S. Gowda, R.U. Suganthi,V.Malathi and Raghavendra.A (2007) Efficacy of heat treatment and sun drying of Aflatoxin contaminated feed for reducing the harmful biological effects in sheep. Animal Feed Science and Technology. 133,167-175.
Technology Developed and Commercialized

1. Shatpada - a.Dorsa-Delta, an efficient trap for mango fruit fly.
2. Shatpada- b.A bisexual attractant for Bactrocera dorsalis in delta trap.
3. A Pest Attractant Composition And Method Of Preparation And Thereof For Uzi Fly, Exorista